About Us

First of all, thank you for visiting our site. To be very frank this all started by a chance meeting of two family's at the Beach, One of which was born and raised in Flat Rock NC, and one born in Nelson County VA. We started talking about how both of our small hometowns had grown, but were still being over shadowed by a neighboring larger town. Asheville NC to Hendersonville NC and Charlottesville VA to Nelson County VA/Staunton VA. My family and I were missing the mountains as we had been at the beach for around a year. Our new friends, just happen to have three new rental cabins in Flat Rock NC (Old Home Place Cottages). So after many long talks, our family's decided to take a road trip to Hendersonville NC. We wanted to see if the opportunity existed to bring a web channel that would focus mainly on Hendersonville and surrounding areas (Not just Asheville NC). We wanted Hendersonville NC  to be the main focus of our new site. The rest as they say... is history, and Hendersonville Local was born.

Our main focus will be directed on Hendersonville and we will work our way out from there. Instead of Hendersonville being a side page on some site, or an after thought, Hendersonville and Flat Rock WILL be our main focus areas.

We hope to build many great relationships in the Hendersonville market while on this great adventure. With one common  goal in place, to launch the best high end local information website, on the web, Featuring the best places Hendersonville NC has to offer, As we like to "Lets Go" and show the world where to... Stay - Play - Discover in Hendersonville NC. 

Thank You!

Hendersonville Local